The damage caused by hurricane Michael and the aftermath

Hurricane Michael approached Florida on October 9, 2018, and made its landfall the next day as a Category 4 hurricane. As the strongest hurricane that ever landed in Florida Panhandle, Hurricane Michael moved through the states of Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, and Mexico Beach, leaving a horrifying trail of destruction and death.

As of October 16, 2018

Rescuers and search parties are still looking for survivors and dead bodies after Hurricane Michael devastated the land. So far, there are 29 deaths recorded. More than 158,000 households do not have electrical power in their homes, and it is very hard to get fuel, food and water. Shelters are provided though, and security is increased.

Residents evacuated

Many residents who evacuated their homes before and during the landfall of Hurricane Michael are happy to be alive, but they have not seen what happened to their homes yet, but they know that destruction is everywhere as what they can see in the news.

The aftermath

Hurricane Michael had left, but the destruction it left is overwhelmingly upsetting. The houses were flattened, the shopping centers are ripped apart, trees were uprooted, cars were smashed, roads are severely cracked, office buildings are extremely damaged, and many more destruction that pans from Florida to the Mexico Beach.

Helping hands

Help from various sectors of the government and common individuals have reached the victims of this tragedy, and there is no doubt that the affected locations will rise again and rebuild what was broken. The painful realities of death and destruction that Hurricane Michael brought will never be forgotten, but the kind hearts and helping hands of the people will help heal the physical and emotional wounds, and eventually the strong spirit of the people will prevail, and they will find a new way to live life happily.

What are the alternative cars to tesla?

Tesla EV car is no doubt a great invention for a zero-emission car. However, the manufacturer of the brand can’t seem to keep up with the demand of their product, and so while waiting for your Tesla Model 3 to be completed, there are other Electronic Cars that you can buy to enjoy green driving. And make you start helping save the earth from harmful gas emissions.

Nissan Leaf

With the price starting at $29,990, the Nissan Leaf entry-level can achieve 151 miles for every charge. This EV is equipped with highly efficient infotainment system that will keep you entertained all through your ride.

BMW i3

This zero-emission German car has a price of $44,450 and can get up to 310km range with the use of a range extender. The BMW i3 can actually be recycled, and it is luxurious and appears sporty.

Hyundai Ioniq

This 5-seater hatchback costs approximately $50,000, and has the capability of reaching 165kph speed, with a 300kms ranger every charge. The Hyundai Ioniq is equipped with safety structures like blind-spot detection and emergency braking.

Chevy Bolt

This EV’s price is at $37,495 and boasts a range of 238 miles per charge. The Chevrolet Bolt EV may not have the fanciest interior, but it has a horsepower of 200 and can provide great performance on the road.

Ford Focus Electric

For only $22,000, this EV can reach 118 miles after every charge. The Ford Focus Electric is the best option if you are looking for an EV that is functional and will not put holes on your wallet.

Renault ZOE

This EV supermini comes with a 41 kWh battery and has a 280 km driving range after charging. The Renault ZOE has the capability to fast charge at 80% in just a matter of 30 minute.

What are the best dating apps to get laid?

Getting is made easier through dating apps that connects you to a lot of people to hook up with. You no longer need to frequent the bar every night just to get your rocks off, but you can simply sit at home and look for a casual date for the night through some of the best dating apps that will provide you with the casual night you want with a stranger. These dating apps are not ideal if you are looking for love. This is only for one night stands or two if you get lucky.


This dating app uses an algorithm that will send you “matches” every day at noon. You can dig deeper into the profiles of your matches, and create genuine connections through the ice-breakers solution.


This dating app is specifically for the LGBTQ+ community only. This is the place where women from every source can be themselves without the fear of scrutiny, since no men are allowed to join this dating app.


In this app, you can be made aware if a member on this site is near you. Whenever you cross path with a Happn member, you will receive notification, and you will see how many times you have crossed path with each other. And if you choose not to see a profile, you can opt not to, and individuals yu don’t like can never send you a message.


OKC was feautured in the Times magazine as one of the top 10 dating websites in 2007. This dating app contains multiple-choice queries that will help you find the perfect match for you. Though the app’s sustenance comes from advertisement, you are spared from seeing ads when you are a paying member. You can communicate with members through emails and instant messaging.