What is the difference between porn pay site and porn tube sites?

Those new to the world of porn usually have quite a few questions, such as what’s the difference between say Brazzers and Mofos or Xhamster. So today we want to give you an overview of the differences between a paysite, an example of which would be Brazzers and a porn tube site like Xhamster. This is quite an important distinction as it will get mentioned pretty much anywhere porn gets mentioned, and quite a few newbies have been unable to figure out what these terms mean without googling, so we’re here to make it easier.

First, let’s get the basic distinction out of the way alright? You pay for a paysite, it’s that simple. The simplest, most bare bone difference between paysites and porn tube sites is that paysites require payment(usually in the form of a monthly subscription) while porn tube sites don’t, they’re free, 0 cash and they generate their revenue usually from ads played on the site as opposed to user-sponsored subscriptions. Now both of these approaches have some pros and some cons, while some are immediately obvious, some aren’t so we’ll be running through those next.

Now to most of us it’d seem ‘obvious’ porn tube sites are ‘better’ because why pay when you can get the same thing for free right? Well that’s the thing, it’s NOT the same thing, the first pro of paid sites is exclusivity, you’ll notice that the content on multiple porn tube sites like Xhamster, Pornhub, Redtube etc. will be largely the same, however paysites are a whole different ballgame. Most paysites pay close and superb attention to their content remaining exclusive, this means that the content you find on Brazzers or Mofos won’t be anywhere near the same. They also try to regulate the spread of their content on free services like Pornhub, meaning that if you want content from a paysite, it’s wisest to simply pay for it rather than waiting for them to be uploaded on your free porn tube service of choice.

Next is the actual quality of the content, obviously, when you go to a porn website, you don’t just pick the first video that pops up and go ‘this’ll do’, most of us take quite a bit of time simply to explore the website and find the porn that we want to use. Due to this, it can be quite difficult to use porn tube sites, as they allow pretty much anyone to upload videos of well…any porn, which means that there will be a lot of low quality porn, or simply porn that isn’t up to your taste. This issue is minimized on paysites, because they aren’t updated by the community, the paysite has staff set and especially paid to decide the ordering of videos on their sites. Most of them also film most of their own videos which means that you’re always getting professional grade content where there was no expense spared on quality.

All in all, both are perfectly valid options for watching porn, however they fill different niches.